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At CES 2022, The Best Computer Monitors

At CES 2022, The Best Computer Monitors curved lg 2020
At CES 2022, The Best Computer Monitors curved lg 2020

CES 2022 is over, which means we’ve seen almost all of the great products that will be out this year. Even though CES is a big event for cool TVs, cars, and smart jetpacks, it’s also important for the people who work on your computer:

computer monitors.

At CES 2022, The Best Computer Monitors procetion monitor
At CES 2022, The Best Computer Monitors procetion monitor

It was hard to go to many planned events, but monitors from Samsung and more showed up in full regalia. Here are the best and most interesting monitors from CES 2022, without further ado: These are the most interesting monitors, from TV-sized gaming screens to smart productivity displays.

Samsung Odyssey Ark

At CES 2022, The Best Computer Monitors samsung 16 9
At CES 2022, The Best Computer Monitors samsung 16 9

If you want to believe Samsung’s Odyssey Ark, you have to see it for yourself: When the screen is raised and rotated, it does so with much more fluidity and flexibility than you’d expect from such a big screen. This is a 55-inch, 1000R (1000mm radius) gaming display. This was the monitor that got the most attention at CES this year.

Because of all the options it has, not just for gamers, this is a great one! Its 55-inch Neo QLED screen has a 16:9 aspect ratio, which means it can be a huge gaming or media screen. This is different from other ultra-wide curved monitors with a 21:9 or larger aspect ratio.

Multiview lets you put two or three windows or inputs side by side in normal aspect ratios, which is like having three 20-inch screens all in one. During the rotation from landscape to portrait mode, the Ark automatically moved the three windows from side-by-side to stacked but kept their shape and presentation. This was our favorite thing.

It’s not yet clear how much this big boy will cost, but you can bet that it will be pricey. If we could, we’d love to give it a full review. First, we’ll need to clear a lot of desk space. It doesn’t matter, though. The idea is great, so we gave it a CES Editor’s Choice award.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G8

At CES 2022, The Best Computer Monitors Lg Curved monitor
At CES 2022, The Best Computer Monitors Lg Curved monitor

Even though it’s not as big and flashy as the Ark, the Odyssey Neo G8 from Samsung is still a very interesting gaming monitor for people who like to play games. The Neo 8 has a 32-inch screen if you want a big screen. It is the world’s first 4K resolution monitor with a 240Hz refresh rate. If you’re a gamer, the next step has been to make gaming monitors faster and more responsive. Every time the pixel count goes up, this is a difficult engineering process, so it’s not easy to do.

Samsung says that the Odyssey Neo G8 will have a response time of 1ms and gaming features like FreeSync Premium Pro and G-Sync. It will also have 2000 nits of brightness, thanks to mini-LEDs. The Ark is great, but most people won’t use it. The G8 is also likely to be very expensive, but it looks like a good choice for gamers who want a high-end experience.

Samsung Smart Monitor M8

At CES 2022, The Best Computer Monitors samsung monitor
At CES 2022, The Best Computer Monitors samsung monitor

Samsung’s second-generation Smart Monitor still doesn’t fit into any category. In the second generation of Samsung Smart Monitors (called the M80B), there’s a little bit of a weirdo in the bunch. A gaming or design monitor isn’t what this is. It also doesn’t have the minimalist features that help office monitors sell.

Instead, the Smart Monitor serves as a hub for a wide range of connectivity functions: An Internet of Things (IoT) hub, it comes with built-in cloud communication apps and cloud games, and it has a function called Workspace that lets it host work-related features like Microsoft365, as well. There is also a small, magnetic webcam on top for video chats so that you can see each other better.

Smart Monitor: It has a UHD, 400-nit screen and is docked. This means it can be used as a workstation, TV, and cloud gaming hub. We don’t know how much the new Smart Monitor will cost, but we think the price point will be a big factor in whether it’s popular with people who don’t already own one. But there’s no denying that it’s an interesting option for the right person.

LG DualUp Monitor

At CES 2022, The Best Computer Monitors lg simple
At CES 2022, The Best Computer Monitors lg simple

Our favorite CES product of the year is the LG DualUp Monitor, which we’re surprised no one has done before. It’s so clever that we are surprised no one has done this before. It’s called the DualUp (28MQ780). It has two 16:9, 1440p resolution screens stacked on top of each other.

It’s like having a high rise when there isn’t enough room to spread out: LG says that side-by-side monitors can take up a lot of desk space and, over time, can cause head swivel-induced strain. It cannot be easy to check the color temperature when they’re different brands. Allows you to have as much screen space and functionality as two separate monitors stacked together.

For people like video editors or graphic designers, there are a lot of different jobs they can do. If you have a lot of controls on one screen and see changes or output effects on the other, it should be easier to sit back and keep both screens in your field of vision (even though they’re both 16:18). This one is a little weird, but it’s still a good idea. We don’t know how much it will cost or when it will be available, but we want to try this one out when it comes out this year.

Asus PG42UQ ROG Swift OLED Gaming Monitor

At CES 2022, The Best Computer Monitors monitor asus
At CES 2022, The Best Computer Monitors monitor asus

There’s been a lot of trouble getting enough OLED panels made, which is why we’ve mostly seen them in 55- and 65-inch TVs for years. LG and Sony both showed off their first 42-inch OLEDs from both brands in 2022. We’re also seeing big things in small packages in the gaming monitor space, which is great news.

Most people will be happy with the PG48UQ, which is 48 inches wide. The PG42UQ is 42 inches wide. As long as it’s 42 inches wide, it’s still twice as big as the average office monitor. It’s also an excess more comfortable to put on a desk, both in terms of price and size. Incredible black levels, vivid colors, and wide vertical and horizontal viewing angles are all things that OLED is known for. The PG42UQ has all of these things and more!

It’s a ready-to-play game with a 120Hz refresh rate and an amazing response time of 0.01ms. It also has 4K resolution and a lot of HDMI 2.1 and USB 3.0 ports. Most of the monitors on this list don’t have prices or availability information yet. People say that these Asus OLED monitors could be great for gaming. What will happen when we get one in for testing? They’re still very exciting, though.

Alienware QD-OLED Monitor

At CES 2022, The Best Computer Monitors monitor samsung
At CES 2022, The Best Computer Monitors monitor samsung

Lastly, Alienware showed off the world’s first QD-OLED gaming monitor, making many people look at each other and smile. Understanding why this is important helps to talk about QD-OLEDs in general. This is why. In the first time we’ve seen it in action, this year’s CES is the first time we’ve seen it in real products. With QD-OLED, you get the inky black levels and wide viewing angles of OLED, but quantum-dot technology makes it brighter and more vivid.

In this case, the result is Alienware’s 34-inch gaming machine. Even though it looked like something out of the future at first, it has real-world specs like 400 nits peak brightness, 99.3% DCI-P3 color, 175 Hz refresh rate, 0.1ms response time, and 3440×1400 resolution. The best thing about it is that it has already been set for March 29th. No fees have been developed yet, but it’s safe to say this is yet another pricey gaming option. As for QD-OLED technology, which might be the next big thing in displays this year, that’s not a big surprise.

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