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8 Expert Tips to Make Your Life Easier in the Kitchen

Your Life Easier in the Kitchen
Your Life Easier in the Kitchen

If you’re like me and too tired to cook after a long day at work, then this blog post is for you. It’s full of expert tips that will make your life easier in the Kitchen.

Do you find cooking at home to be more of a hassle than an enjoyment? Do you find yourself ordering takeout on the regs because it’s just easier, or are you one of those people who never cook anything? If so, here are 10 expert tips that will make your life in the kitchen easier. Cooking can be fun and fulfilling with these tips!

1. Store All Spices in Alphabetical Order in the kitchen

Store your spices in a cupboard. It will make them easier to access, and also, alphabetical order makes it easy for you to find the herbs you need. Spices stored in clear containers will also allow you to monitor how much of a spice or herb is left.

Your Life Easier in the Kitchen

Airtight containers help keep spices fresh longer and prevent food from absorbing their flavors. However, the correct container for your spices may depend on the size of the jar and how often it’s opened. For example: If you have a large family or cook a lot, storage jars with shaker tops can save time; if not, try an attractive glass jar that doubles as kitchen decor when it’s not holding herbs and spices.- Keep like with like (spice type): store all ground seasonings together; put whole spices such as peppercorns in one place and stick to this rule of thumb.

Keep the spices that you use most often at eye level, so they’re easy to find and grab on your way out of the Kitchen.

2. Buy Good Set of Knives

You can’t make good food if you don’t have the right tools. So investing in a set of knives is an investment in your cooking future and will help with practically every Kitchen task you’ll face outside of slicing bread for toast!

Your Life Easier in the Kitchen

Your knife set should contain an all-purpose chef’s knife, along with other essential blades like a paring knife and carving/bread knife. When buying your first set, don’t forget to pick up some sharpening stones as well, which are great accessories without spending too much extra money.

3.Get Rid of Unnecessary Kitchen Gadgets

If you don’t cook or do not need them for your cooking style, get rid of all the gadgets taking up space in your Kitchen. A disorganized kitchen will waste your time and energy, which means you’ll get less enjoyment out of it.

Your Life Easier in the Kitchen

Keep utensils and appliances that you use and know how to utilize correctly. For example, if you don’t often bake but still have a rolling pin in your kitchen – get rid of it! You will save space by getting rid of the gadgets that are not being used frequently or even at all. Likewise, if you cook but aren’t familiar with different cooking styles such as baking, roasting, etc., there is no need to purchase every possible gadget for each style.

4. Hang an Apron on the Back of the Door 

An apron is not just for decoration! Hang an apron on the back of your door for easy access to it when cooking or baking.

Your Life Easier in the Kitchen

It’s also great to have an apron in your cupboard for when you’re doing the dishes, cleaning up spills around the Kitchen, or even just having lunch. You can wipe any messes that occur right away, so they don’t become complex problems later!

5. Cover Food with Aluminum

An expert cooking tip is to use foil when baking with shaped pans. It helps keep food from getting stuck in cracks and crevices of pan shapes like triangles and hearts. Once done, bend the backsides of foil to remove baked goods easily! 

Your Life Easier in the Kitchen

Another way this reduces hassle while cooking is by preventing clean-up duty after your tasty treats come out of ovens – no more scrubbing individual muffin cups! Just lift off aluminum wrapping carefully before serving goodies

6. Organize your Utensils by type

Having all of your utensils in one place will make finding the right tool for the job easier. You can even take it a step further by organizing your utensils by type. 

Your Life Easier in the Kitchen

For example, have all of your baking pans together and all of the mixing bowls together in another location. The same goes for knives or other cooking tools that are used to prepare food.

Example: *Invest in a rolling cart to store your pots and pans. Please keep all of your pots and pans together, so they’re easy to find when cooking.*

7. Clean out your fridge every week 

Throw away anything expired, add products as needed, and make sure everything is neatly arranged inside. The more organized your fridge is, the easier it will be to find items when you need them quickly. 

Your Life Easier in the Kitchen

It also helps prevent contamination from old food that may have sat around too long, which can cause illness or even spoilage. If this happens, all of the entire shelves could become contaminated and unusable for others, making a bigger problem than expected!

8. Use Food Processor & Save Time

It’s much faster than using a knife. You can make a big batch ahead of time with the food processor and freeze it for later use. You can chop vegetables into different shapes and sizes depending on what you are using them for. For example, if the recipe calls for large chunks of carrots or celery, use a larger setting; but if it needs finely grated zucchini or ginger, choose a smaller one. The blades in most food processors go around at about 15 miles per hour! That’s fast enough to cut through even though veggies like beets without causing unnecessary damage to your appliance.

Your Life Easier in the Kitchen

These are just a few expert tips that can help you make your life easier in the Kitchen. The next time you find yourself wondering how to organize your spices or where to put all those extra pots and pans hanging around, come back here for more ideas!

What are some tips you use when cooking? Let us know below!

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